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Double blind peer-review process


The languages of submission and publication are Romanian, English, French, etc. Contributors whose native language is not English or French should have their manuscripts read by a native speaker before submission. Authors are required to submit abstracts in both English and their mother tongue/language of submission, if different from English.

Occasionally, an article may be submitted in the author’s mother tongue provided the topic is particularly relevant for the language in question and that title, abstract, keywords and all bibliographical references are given in English. Each submission must be accompanied by a short biographical note on the author(s).

Since the Incursiuni în imaginar - Incursions into the Imaginary is peer reviewed, you have to ensure anonymity of your first submission. Therefore, upon first submission for blind review, please send two MS Word-format (Windows98, Windows2000, WindowsXP) documents, one containing your article, in which you will not include your name and affiliation, and another document containing the title of your paper, your name and affiliation, as well as email address. Authors should not reveal their identities in the manuscript in any way; self-citation is accepted, but references to the author in the main paper should be replaced with "Author, year" (e.g., Author 2013), or "Author et al., year" (e.g., Author et al. 2013).

The process of peer reviewing is double blind and the reviewers are external not affiliated with the same institution. Incursiuni în imaginar - Incursions into the Imaginary editors make sure that the peer reviewers comply with the standards of expected ethical behaviour, such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Code of Conduct guidelines, available at: http://publicationethics.org.

Please remember that each submission must be accompanied by a separate short biographical note on the author(s).

Manuscripts (as Word attachments) should be sent to: gabrielachiciudean@gmail.com or alternately to rogabchira@yahoo.fr


Publication Ethics

The authors assume all responsibility for the ideas expressed in the materials published. The opinions are the author’s own and do not express the editors’ opinion.

Any article suspected of fraud will be rejected. Any published article proven as fraud will be deleted from the site and an apology will be issue for the plagiarized author.


The form that will be filled in by he external peer-reviewers can be found below: Blind review form